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General Discussion
General Discussion
General discussions related to the community which do not belong in any other area.
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Thread: Website Names and Groups
Posted by: SgtDarkPhoenix
New member welcome
If you're new, post a thread and say hi! Tell us about yourself!
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Thread: Newbie
Posted by: Jackal6681
Comments and Suggestions
Leave any comments or suggestions about the website, teamspeak or anything else here.
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Thread: Teamspeak reshuffle and trim...
Posted by: SgtDarkPhoenix
Technical Discussions
Anything related to tech or modern sciences goes here.
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Thread: Gfx problems in BF4
Posted by: SgtDarkPhoenix
Serious Discussions
Discuss politics, religion, world hunger or whatever other serious issue here. Keep it civil!
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Thread: Make America Great Again
Posted by: SgtDarkPhoenix
Off Topic discussions
Discuss anything off-topic here!
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Thread: Best video clips ever.
Posted by: SgtDarkPhoenix
"Adult" content
To keep the rest of the forums clean, post any adult content here. You may link to a post here from anywhere else.
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Thread: Talk Abut Adult Content
Posted by: SgtDarkPhoenix

Events and Groups
Event Details
Events which are upcoming, current or past will have details added here by the Event Manager.
Forum moderator: Supreme_Eagle
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Thread: BoB Event #10 | Team Ba...
Posted by: Supreme_Eagle
Events Discussion
General Discussion about events.
Forum moderator: Supreme_Eagle
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Thread: BoB Weekly Event
Posted by: SgtDarkPhoenix
Events Suggestions
Make suggestions for future events to be considered by the Event Manager.
Forum moderator: Supreme_Eagle
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Thread: Next Event - DICE LA camo re...
Posted by: SgtDarkPhoenix

Games Discussion
General Game Discussion
This forum is for discussions about gaming that do not fit any specific game, for example "Do you think iron sights are important in first person shooters?".
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Thread: COD : WW2
Posted by: GrumpehBrit
Battlefield 1
Discuss anything related to Battlefield 1 here.
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Thread: Battlefield 1 Incursions Clo...
Posted by: eXyLe
Battlefield 4 discussion
Forum for discussing the game Battlefield 4.
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Thread: Activity
Posted by: GrumpehBrit
Battlefield: Hardline discussion
Forum for discussing the game Battlefield: Hardline.
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Thread: Hardline died?
Posted by: Jamessuperfun
Other Games discussion
Forum for discussing other games not listed here.
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Thread: Battlefront 2 Star Wars
Posted by: Jackal6681

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