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On behalf of BoB Staff and Members I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

We hope you will have a pleasant time with your families and friends, but don't go too crazy on New Year's Eve biggrin

Best wishes to you all,
- SgtDarkPhoenix
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Band of Brothers will be teaming up with (BWC) The Black Widow Company for Joint Operation BoB's Burgers, this Saturday, December 17th, at 8PM London time!

If you wish to participate in this gaming session we'll be having together, join our TeamSpeak at least 5 minutes before the start as we will all be joining their TS together.
BWC TS IP: ts.the-bwc.com

Forums thread (full info, go check it out): http://bandofbrothers.at.ua/forum/29-344-1

Hope to see many of you on, enjoying yourselves!
- SgtDarkPhoenix
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As most of you are already aware, [BoB] will be moving into Battlefield 1 as it has now released and is widely considered to be a fantastic game. Additional Staff have been brought on in order to cope with the additional demand from the new release, particularly involving the new Members. If you have any concerns, please speak to a member of Staff.

Unfortunately, the game does not include a built in platoon system or custom servers. This is expected to change in time. For now, we will be joining games with the following methods:

  • Noting down Server Numbers to Search
  • Creating parties for Squad organisation
  • Inviting through Origin (as the in-game system is buggy)

A new recruitment thread has been created (link). Staff sho ... Read more...
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We are currently experiencing some issues displaying the relevant icons to all users in our Teamspeak 3 server. This is due to a fault with the file browser which has made them inaccessible. Older users will still be able to see them due to copies being stored in their cache, hence you may notice no issues, but newer users will have problems and therefore tags have been added to more clearly identify each user's rank.

This should be fixed soon.

Members are reminded to act maturely during this time and not attempt to falsely impersonate a rank you do not have.

UPDATE by SgtDarkPhoenix: The file browser seems to be fixed now. However, some Members still could not see the rank icons. To fix that issue, contact Puko or SgtDarkPhoenix.

Discussion: Forum Post Link
Icon Reference: ...
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Recently there has been a lot of talk about a "competitive team" in BoB. Well, this is it!

"BoB Shovel Squad" is the name of the Team, A.K.A. Competent Team.
The Team is here to gather players in BoB who wish to play very tactically, attending a weekly training in BF4 and BF1.

This short Home Page Entry is here to direct you to the main thread for details and all discussion:

- SgtDarkPhoenix
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