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The launch event for Battlefield V will be held on the 20th November. We will be playing from 7:30PM onwards, exploring the new game and having a laugh. You do not need to sign up, just show up on the day.

You can see some videos from previous events on our YouTube Channel.
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Battlefield 5 is soon to be released, bringing with it a new era both in-game and for Band of Brothers. We are currently planning to expand the platoon to Battlefield 5 and focus on growing ourselves there from the very beginning. An Early Access trial for Origin Access members will begin on the 11th October while the Deluxe Edition releases on the 16th. The standard version will release on the 19th. It is unclear if Battlefield 5 will have a platoon system at launch.

We will be hosting an event on Friday evening after the Early Access trial begins (12th October). Further details will be announced closer to the date but primarily we will be taking the opportunity to try out the new game together as a community that evening.
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Due to some technical difficulties with our host, Multiplay, our Teamspeak 3 server has been down for 4-5 days and everyone has had to revert to the backup Discord instead. As the host's response has been inadequate and left us without data for so long, we have now moved to a new one. You may find your rank is missing, please poke a member of staff in order to have it applied again. Please also update your bookmarks to the following IP address:

You can connect directly to the new server here: https://tinyurl.com/bandofbrothers-ts
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I wanted to write something short and touching here, but I have no idea what to write.
So yeah... this is supposed to be my last post. Interesting, huh... Who would have thought.

Anyhow, I love you all and if you have absolutely no clue as to what the hell I am talking about, check out this forum post: http://bandofbrothers.at.ua/forum/13-456-1

It was an honour being your Administrator. Loved every second of it. Sadly, my seconds ran out...
- SgtDarkPhoenix
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Today, 3rd of August, two changes have been made to Band of Brothers' Staff Members:

  • Tussy_Lambz was demoted from Leader on his own request
  • Sgt_Fozza was promoted to Recruiter.
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