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We have decided to organize a little Steam Indie games giveaway, to show appreciation to all of you crazy people. Games available are listed in the thread linked below. Check it to see how to participate.

Giveaway by: Puko

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There have been several major changes made to the community's Staff. They are listed below:

- Puko_Sy has been promoted to Administrator from Leader
- Tussy_Lambz has been promoted to Leader from Recruiter
- LordSupremeEagle has been promoted to Event Manager

How it will work:
What Puko says goes, unless James or Phoenix get mad.
Tussy will help the community spread to North America, and will assist James, Phoenix and Puko in running BoB.
Eagle is the person to speak to about Event ideas, and he will then share ideas with higher ranked Staff. For now, he will also remain a Recruiter.

- SgtDarkPhoenix
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Below you can find a link to the thread containing several epic video and screenshots from our Second Annual Event!
If you have some recordings or photos, please upload them and share in a reply on that thread so we can all enjoy.
Thank you all for participating! smile


- SgtDarkPhoenix
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Band of Brothers will hold an annual competition event to celebrate the second anniversary of our favourite community!

The event will take place on Saturday, March 25th, at 7PM London time (GMT).

All the information can be found on this thread: http://bandofbrothers.at.ua/forum/29-368-1

If you wish to participate, state so in bold in a reply on that thread.
Clear your schedule, meet us on our TeamSpeak, and let's have some crazy fun!

- SgtDarkPhoenix
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LordSupremeEagle chose to create a Twitter account for Band of Brothers. It is still not considered our Official account, as we first want to see how it will develop. LordSupremeEagle is currently running it on his own.

The account can be found here: https://twitter.com/B_o_B_Gaming

Vast majority of the tweets are gaming related: reviews, news, releases... If you'd like to, you are welcome to spread the word by becoming a follower or retweeting posts, but it is by no means mandatory.

The tag is @B_o_B_Gaming.

- SgtDarkPhoenix
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