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Escape from Tarkov
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Escape from Tarkov

My experience playing Escape from Tarkov

- The game is brutal and not for the faint of heart.

- Despite it being savage it does give a rich feel if you escape.


Basicly you start out with a basic set. (A weapon, some pistols, ammo,
Medgear (paintkillers, bandages, splints), food (Water, tuna cans),
a backpack, tactical rig, melee weapon and most importantly a pouch).

First things first.


If you die, you lose all the gear you carried into the raid exept for
whatever is inside the 2x2 pouch. See to it as a save guard for items
such as keys (You find them along the map to unlock doors).

If you die, whatever is inside the pouch gets back to you to the lobby screen.
You can pay an insurance on the items you take with you to the raid
but it is not a guarantee that you`ll see them back.
They only get back to you if the raid finishes and nobody looted your body.

So always consider wether you wanna risk losing the weapon, have a chance
on losing it or not taking it with you all together. Saving it for a
more opportune time.


Naked runs. 

A great way to not lose anything except for whatever you loot on the map
is to do naked runs.

Just grab your melee weapon and run the map, looting and making it to the
extraction zone.


Locating yourself.

You have no clue what so ever when you spawn in the map to where you are.
You won`t know where north or south is nor where the exits are.
Only through playing the game, buying a map or studying it via a website will you
be able to locate yourself on the map and find on of the many exit points
which are randomly selected.
So there isn`t a golden ticket out through 1 exit every map.
Everytime it`s different and for some exit points you need money or a key.
If you buy a map, you can choose a spawn point tho, which will make things


Trading system

There are about 4 traders ingame. One of them is an online market for you to sell
items you find on raids such as weapons or gear but also items such as Harddrives,
Zippo`s, bolts, keys, golden chainlets, etc..

Some of the items (For example the Hard drive) can be sold for gear.
1 harddrive can be traded for a backpack at one of the traders.


Playing in squad.

Communication, communication, communication.

And if you do not want to die, only communication concerning ingame movements.
Footsteps are really important and you`ll die faster than you`ll ever spot them.
Forum » Games Discussion » General Game Discussion » Escape from Tarkov (Quick description for those interested.)
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