Band of Brothers is a small, community focused group of gamers from all over the world. We play a wide variety of games, though the group is focused on the Battlefield series. We host weekly events and have meetings on a similar schedule that are open to the public so everyone will be able to give feedback on how they feel the future of the platoon should look and to shape it in to a community that everyone wants to be a part of. The community is primarily funded by Jamessuperfun to prevent donations becoming a problem, so the community is entirely free and there is no expectation or requirement for anyone to pay to keep the community running. This has proven to be an effective way to keep the community drama free and results in everyone being happier - no stress for Staff to bring in a certain amount each month and the experience is improved for the community because there is no requirement to pay to keep us going.

We originally started as just 3 people all in a Teamspeak server rented by ElementsUK, our original Founder. The beginnings were extremely humble - a 5 slot Teamspeak, a website plagued with ads and a recruitment thread without enough people to keep it bumped. After our Founder was called out by the community as having broken the "No Boosting" rule, he promptly chose to close everything down and disband the platoon. This looked to be the end of BoB, but it was then restarted and has turned in to what it is today.

We are currently recruiting new members but we have some rules listed below.


- No cheating or boosting. Cheating includes using third party applications to provide an advantage ("Hacking"). You shall not use any software or hardware which offers an unfair advantage over other players, unless specifically sanctioned by the relevant developer. This includes aimbots/wallhacks/damage modifiers/etc, extensive macros or autoclickers. Boosting includes asking friends to stand still while they are shot from a range to provide an unlock or joining "No kill" servers for quick experience. Please note that this is a very broad rule - it covers all forms of attempting to "trick" the game in to giving you points in a non-conventional way. If you are unsure about whether something falls under this rule or not, please contact Jamessuperfun prior to using the tool or strategy. This applies through all platforms.

- Know when you've crossed the line. Say what you like, but if you begin to offend someone take it down a notch.

- The word of staff is final. This is not because we're assholes, but because it helps us to keep everything organised. Feel free to take an issue higher if you are unsatisfied.

- If you have a problem with another member, tell a member of staff. If possible, provide proof of any wrongdoing.

- No DDoSing or any other method of causing damage to or bringing a remote device offline.

These rules allow us to make a fun and friendly experience for everyone, including you. If you would like to question or have one of them changed, please speak to a member of staff. We welcome constructive criticism and praise.

Our recruitment process is required and has been designed to make sure that all the boring paperwork can be pushed out of the way right at the start of a member's time here so that we can spend the rest on just enjoying ourselves. Links to every other part of the process can be found here for the sake of simplicity (Please note that you will have to speak to a member of staff before this process begins in our Teamspeak 3 server):

- Register on website: (We suggest using Facebook or Google+ to speed up the process)

- Your rank will be set to Member on Teamspeak and on the website. If you are under 16, you will need to complete a short trial period.

- Join Platoon: Battlefield Hardline or Battlefield 4

- Clan tags: Battlefield Hardline or Battlefield 4

- Optional: Create a thread in the New Member's Welcome section of the Forum.

Finally, if you wish to apply for Staff please speak to Jamessuperfun. If you wish to donate, we do not accept them, however you can consider renting us a server (please speak to a member of staff first).

We have a variety of different ranks. Please note that this is seperate to the forum rank, which is tied to your post count. There are a lot, but these include simple ranks like "Friends". The ranks are as follows:

Guest - Unregistered with the community.
Friend - People who are not a member, but frequent the Teamspeak 3 server and are considered friends of ours.
Member - Members of the community.
Dedicated Member - Members who have been with us for a significant amount of time and are trusted by the staff a little more. People with this rank will usually be considered first for staff positions.
Recruiter - The same level as a Dedicated Member. These are people who are contributing with their time to help the community grow.
Leader - People who moderate the community and help with recruitment. The first rank with significant moderation power.
Administrator - People with a lot of power over how the community works. Effectively a Founder with slightly less permissions.
Founder - Jamessuperfun, the Founder of the community as it stands today (See above for our beginnings).

If you wish to apply for a rank, speak to Jamessuperfun.