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Forum » General Discussion » General Discussion » Intel vs AMD Cage fight !
Intel vs AMD Cage fight !
GrumpehBritDate: Tuesday, 26/06/2018, 12:05 PM | Message # 1
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I am going to be building my own PC shortly with a view to coming back to the land of all things
PC gaming as quite honestly my laptop is a tad sucky for this purpose and XB1 is fine but i miss the trolls smile

Now its been a decent while since i build a machine, but i do have extensive experience going back all the way to 1991 with building my own gaming platforms.  Issue is, that the last TWO machines where pre built as i was a tad lazy.

So, i have been taking a look at current 'fashion' with PC builds and i know my budget and requirement...what i am not 100% with is the current state of play with AMD vs Intel, the eternal struggle...

Its always been the case, to a point, that AMD offers better bang for buck, with the issues go a little deeper with game code and optimisations / driver issues (the famous SLi issues spring to mind)
and i am planning to get (ignoring cases / memory and motherboards etc)

Intel i7-8700 or K
Nvidia GEFORCE 1070 8gb (or Ti 8gb)

I know what memory i need, i know what motherboards i like for both AMD and or Nvidia and i am fully aware how to set a pc up...im not one for doing the whole 'get the i9 and 1080 for the win' as im not rockafella smile

Now i need to know, what the equivalent AMD offerings are at that base spec engine wise, will i save money or am i just fucking myself over if i do go AMD (my last AMD was like 2004).

Please do not answer if your an AMD / Nvidia fanboy...i want honest comparisons and savings not
stupid 'Nvidia rocks' answers etc

So whats the equivalent AMD now ? its  damn confusing with all this Vega bollocks :P


The GrumpehBrit formerly known as DementiaCat
Forum » General Discussion » General Discussion » Intel vs AMD Cage fight !
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