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Beginning to play Competitively
As you may already know, Band of Brothers is looking to start a competitive team. This will be a group of more dedicated players which are willing to commit to play at regular times on a regular basis and train to compete against other groups. Be warned that this will come with important expectations. If they are not met (For example, repeatedly not turning up to training) you will be kicked off the team, and you will likely not have another chance to join.

For those who are here just for a casual community, you wont have any new expectations.

Exactly how serious this group will be all depends on those who are interested. If you wish to discuss this, suggest anything or ask any questions speak to Jamessuperfun.

Please reply to this thread to express your interest (not to ask questions). I'll speak to those who reply about what they would like from this and put together a plan moving forward with those involved.

For a general discussion of this change, please use this post's comments.
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I think it is a good idea in general, but it will be hard to make a reality. We don't have the people to make a really skilled competitive team, but if we go and to it "for fun" or to simply "do what we can", we are going to get trashed. We need to advertise it on the Battlelog so that people looking for something more than just fun don't skip this platoon because we didn't mention this. A few more fellas and we are good to go smile
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Difficulty wise I don't think it will be too difficult, depending on what people want to do. I'm sure we can win a few random clan wars, but it'll be much harder if the group wants to go further with it.

I agree, we will get stomped. I've had many people approach me about wanting to play more competitively already. When we know exactly what sort of number we're looking at, we can discuss how we want to go forward.

When we actually know what we want to do for sure, I'll add all the information to the thread and we can look for more interested people. We have to decide a few things first within the platoon before we consider getting outsiders involved I think.
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Also, we should mainly focus on tactics, because you won't develop your skills on the trainings as much as you have in pubs so far, although it can't hurt...