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New website, ElementsUK leaving and Server situation
Hello brothers (and sisters)!

First of all, this website. It's been created to host our forums along with information about us and to help contact members in the event of any problems. It works well bar some minor formatting issues on Mobile and looks great (in my opinion) on the PC. Bookmark us and participate in the forums :)

Secondly, ElementsUK (the original Founder of Band of Brothers) appears to have abandoned the community. It's sad to see him go. He has disbanded the Platoon on Battlelog, removed all members as friends and closed the old website/Teamspeak. He had appointed me as a second Founder and so I have decided to continue running the community. 

Lastly, we will need some new servers. This will be worked on now. I'll be renting a Teamspeak 3 server today and setting it up to include different permissions and channels, editing it as we grow. However, after considering it with a few other members I have come to the conclusion that paying for a Battlefield server would not be a worthy expense. Very few players are attracted to Platoons through their servers and it's a problem to keep it populated (requires a lot of idling, which nobody wants to do for obvious reasons). On top of this, they're somewhat expensive and the only real merit is something else to add to the list of advantages joining us.

Thanks for sticking with us during these teething few days as we get everything sorted.
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