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New Staff and Website Background
Three new members of staff have been added. The background of the website has also been modified to better reflect the fact that we are a community which plays multiple games. Although the image still comes from Battlefield: Hardline, it is also somewhat fitting to Grand Theft Auto: V's Heists.

The following changes have been made:

Surge (BMtKSurge) has been promoted to a leader.
DeathEqualsLife has been promoted to a leader.
Phoenix (SgtDarkPhoenix) has been promoted to a recruiter.

All three will mostly be tasked with helping to aquire new members for our community to increase growth, with Surge focusing on Battlefield: Hardline and DeathEqualsLife focusing on Grand Theft Auto: V. Surge and DeathEqualsLife will both be concerned with dealing with any issues which arise too. Phoenix will be focused on EU recruitment in Battlefield: Hardline since both Surge and DeathEqualsLife are based in the US.

Vaktare has been demoted to Inactive pending his return due to an extended period of inactivity.

The Recruiter group has been created to allow those who wish to contribute to the management of the community who are not yet ready or do not have the time to dedicate to being a Leader or higher member of staff. It allows these members permission to recruit members into our community, helping us to grow without the more dedicated requirements of being a leader or administrator.

Phoenix will be on a 10 day break and will begin his duty as a recruiter when he returns.

Thank you to everyone who has applied. Sadly it was not possible to promote everyone, but when we have expanded enough to require new members of staff we will be watching the thread and remembering those who have already applied.
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