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New server, the push to Battlefield: 4 and staff changes
It's been a while since the last news update so I figured it was time to update the community on the changes on the back end.

Band of Brothers now has a second server with 30 slots (-2 for commanders), thanks to Brunkey! This will be used for Battlefield: Hardline running a mix of maps and game modes alongside Lander's server which will now run smaller game modes such as Rescue and Crosshair appropriate to the 10 slot size. Hopefully we can seed these servers and help them become an important part of our community.
Server links:

EU1 Crosshair/Rescue
US1 Mixed Maps/Modes

As well as this, we're finally making the big push to Battlefield 4. This change is long overdue and is becoming more and more essential as the number of players in Hardline constantly lower. We have a small group of regular Battlefield: 4 players along with more planning to buy the game, so activity should be quite high. Discussion

DeathEqualsLife has been demoted to Inactive after an extended period of time not being seen by the platoon. If anyone wants to revive the Grand Theft Auto: V part of the platoon, feel free to attempt recruitment and express your interest. If it takes off, I'll provide Recruitment ranks.
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Sounds good!! Still not sure whether to buy bf4! Might stick with hardline and wait for rainbow six!
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Alright! Will join the servers!