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Major changes - Events, Website, Ranks and more
Today there has been some major changes made to the way BoB operates and looks to the outside world. It is a change which will to a degree affect every member and every member considering joining us. The most notable change is Events.

Events are weekly activities that are organised by the management of BoB. This will be set up by the new Event Manager (identified by a blue E next to their name). These can be anything from a simple match of Knife Only to stopping a train in GTA or this week's event - teams competing to blow a buggy up to the top of a building. The Event Manager is also able to provide Event Coordinator channel group for anyone who wishes to help organise events. A new section of the forum has been created with relation to events.

Prizes: Prizes will typically be a $5 gift card for every member of the winning team, with events with smaller teams having larger prizes per person. Prizes have been funded by 3 of our members: UltraGamingHut (Aston), Sku11_Fuc (Jason) and Anvik (TroffleWaffle). Big thank you to them!

A second new group has been added. This group is the Dedicated Member group. It shows that a member is being rewarded and identified as a particularly upstanding member of the community. This is provided by staff to those who have been a member here for a long time and have shown that they can be trusted. This is also a way for us to consider people who do not have the qualities required for Recruiter for other staff positions as the Recruiter group is somewhat a stepping stone.

Changes have also been made to the website. To reflect that we are now more of a Battlefield 4 platoon, the background has been changed to one from Battlefield 4. The "About Us & Rules" page is also being rewritten, though there is no final change made as of yet.

We are considering having a slogan for BoB. Please post your suggestions in the forum.

There will now be weekly meetings at 8pm UTC+1 (London time) for staff to discuss changes to the platoon which may need to be made as well as consider any disciplinary actions which may need to be taken. These meetings will be open to the public, however non staff members may be muted and restricted to using the chat to prevent everyone talking at once.

A few other smaller changes which mostly affect management have also been discussed, please speak to a member of staff for more information on any of these.
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