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Gfx problems in BF4
KonphewzdDate: Monday, 22/05/2017, 5:04 PM | Message # 1
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Yesterday I had some glitches and bugs in BF4. Never had them before. And the only thing that changed with the system was that I added a second monitor. Do you think that the second monitor could make the system and GPU work alot harder and therefore not be able to read/write out the models properly in BF4??? I had a similar issue with a second monitor when I played World of Warcraft earlier and when I added the second monitor the fps fell down to the ground.  Otherwise it just went quite smoothly. Which also BF4 has done with one monitor. Sure the past weekend was a really hot weekend with 25+ C degrees in Sweden so Ive heard in saturday evening the fan of the computer had to work very  much.

So could the second monitor be the issue with bf4?
SgtDarkPhoenixDate: Monday, 22/05/2017, 6:43 PM | Message # 2
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Not an expert in the field, nor have I been using two monitors, but it seems like simply plugging one monitor out and running the game would help you determine if a second monitor causes glitching...

IMO, it could easily be what's causing issues. GPU is basically under double load due to doubled resolution. You may run BF on just one monitor, and have TS (or anything else) open on the second monitor. That shouldn't impact the game's performance in any significant manner.

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Forum » General Discussion » Technical Discussions » Gfx problems in BF4
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